Hello! Please enjoy the next several paragraphs of me expressing my love for this book. I hope magic exists so I can leave this earth and live at the night circus forever.

I borrowed a copy of this book through the Libby app and read it on my Kobo. The Night Circus was published in 2011 by Doomsday, and is Erin’s debut title. The hardcover sits at just under 400 words.


Celia and Marco, two young individuals caught in a magical contest, both utilize the Night Circus as their fighting grounds. As they go deeper into the competition and begin to fall in love, the night circus and its performers become inextricably tied to the fate of the competition.

Review sans spoilers

The Night Circus is the dreamiest of dreamy reads. From the concept to the world building to the characters, everything about this book is enchanting and captivating. The characters are both mysterious and dear friends and the atmosphere makes you want to jump in. I want to be friends with every character, and spend every night wandering through the tents.

10 out of 10 for this book.

Review with spoilers

The whimsically-detailed descriptions of the various tents at the night circus are probably what captured my attention the most in this book. The overall aesthetic of the night circus has quickly become my absolute favourite dreamy world and where I most certainly would like to live forever. If we could add some dragons I would be content forever. Although I normally like books that delve deep into their subject matter, the mysterious, fantastic quality of the book was so well done I don’t have a single complaint, only that it wasn’t nearly long enough and I wish it was a series.

This is a wonderful book. I read (well, listened to) Morgenstern’s second book, The Starless Sea (review to come!) before reading The Night Circus, and although The Starless Sea is a wonderful book, The Night Circus took my breath away.

Started reading: September 6, 2020
Finished reading: September 8, 2020

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