What I’m Reading Now and What’s Next

Welcome to the next five books I am planning to spend my time reading and ignoring my boyfriend! Let’s get into it since I’m terrible at intro’s (or let’s face it creative writing at all).

The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien


As an avid (extreme) fan of Lord of the Rings, the fact that I haven’t read this yet is a bit odd. That being said, after working my way through The Children of Húrin I was a bit put off of other Tolkien books. But no more! I will read this one (and hopefully them all, for the sake of my love for lotr).

Poems of George Meredith

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This has been on my shelf for awhile now. I’m terrible for hoarding poetry books and never actually reading them. But I am determined to change this (new years resolution?). I’m starting with this book, somewhat arbitrarily.

Published in 1902, George Meredith lived in the mid-to-latter half of the nineteenth century. The poems and sonnets in this book are written quite classically, and are romantic and nature-inspired. More on that to come!

Under Heaven (Under Heaven, #1), Guy Gavriel Kay

9688286. sy475

I’m definitely partial to Canadian authors, and I’ve enjoyed Kay’s books in the past – not necessarily my absolute favourite, and Sailing to Sarantium kind of bugged me, but definitely enjoy his books (Ysabel was a great one).

Under Heaven seems to be more up my alley than some of his works. Set in eighth century China, the book follows Shen Tai as he is sent a gift of 250 Sardian horses (That’s it, that’s all the goodreads synopsis says, it’s fine). It certainly sounds intriguing.

Intensity, Dean Koontz


Intensity centres on two protagonists: A young woman named Chyna Shepard, staying with her friend at her friend’s parent’s house, hidden under the bed while a man brutally murders them all – and the murderer. The book follows Chyna, as she attempts to escape alive, only to learn of the murderer’s next victim.

Stranger of Tempest (The God Fragments, #1) by Tom Lloyd

26064257. sy475

Stranger of Tempest centres on Lynx, an honourable mercenary, who joins a mercenary company to save a kidnapped girl in what seems like a simple job.

Tom Lloyd is a personal favourite. The Stormcaller was my gateway drug into Epic and High Fantasy, so when my father handed me his freshly-read copy of Stranger of the Tempest to take home after a visit to Calgary, it was immediately placed in the TBR pile. I am so looking forward to this one, especially after some odd reads outside of my favourite genre.

Have you read any of these? Tweet me (and I now sound like old lady I am inside).

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