If this is your first time here, welcome!

Here we have the book I’m reading now, and the next few books in line! After I finish these books, I’ll post (hopefully not too far apart!) the next few, and so on.

Currently Reading:

The Burning Sky (Elemental Trilogy, Book One) by Sherry Thomas

I am currently listening to this book through Libby while at work (So far, pretty good!). The book centers on a sixteen year old girl named Iolanthe, who is an elemental mage, unwittingly the greatest of her generation, and Prince Titus, a figurehead for a realm really controlled by a tyrant. The two band together and face off against some fearsome people and try and save their kingdom.

Coming Next:

Exquisite Captive (The Dark Caravan Cycle, #1) by Heather Demetrios

This book is one of my audiobook holds on Libby. The book is about a jinni named Nalia, the last of a type of jinnis that were the ruling caste in her homeland, Arjinna, before a revolt upheaved her life. She is stuck on earth as a slave, after being trapped in the “Dark Caravan,” a slave trade route between earth and Arjinna.

Soul of the World (The Ascension Cycle, #1) by David Mealing

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I’m looking forward to this one. The first book in the Ascension Cycle series has three protagonists: a young girl named Sarine and her invisible lizard companion, who lives in the large city New Saressant, capital of the Saressant colonies; Erris, a military leader quickly rising through the ranks due to her penchant for strategy; Arak’Jur, the guardian of his tribe against the large ferocious beasts in the forest. They each have a hand in one (or more) of the three types of magic in their world, crucial for the revolution that approaches.

Blood of the Gods (The Ascension Cycle, #2) by David Mealing


Sarine experiences visions that affect her dragon friend, Zi, sick. Arak’jur becomes an apprentice following his exile, and Erris tries to restore her power through conquest, of a sorts.

(Note from the future: can I just say, when I read Soul of the World, I never once considered the mid-sized lizard-like guys in this book to be dragons per se? There are so many lizard-like and dragon-like creatures in fantasy I just assumed it was it’s own thing. Having read the goodreads synopsis, I can now attest the lizard-like guys are indeed, dragons. Anyway.)

The Voyage of the Basilisk (The Memoirs of Lady Trent, #3) by Marie Brennan.

This is one of my holds on Libby. I read the first two books in this series in 2016 or 2017 over the summer. The books are well written, and the concept is appealing to me – the book centres on Lady Trent, a woman obsessed with dragons. An academic and adventurer, the series follows her gallivanting around the world. In terms of dragon activity, these books provide some interesting takes on their history, as well as give a nice variety of geographical locations and their unique dragon species. My future review will include some details from the first two books.

Intensity, by Dean Koontz


One of the random books I own that looks appealing. The story follows Chyna Sheperd as she attempts to evade murder by the sociopath who has entered the home of her best friend’s family in Napa Valley. Good reviews on goodreads, and seems like the right level spoopy that I might not be totally traumatized.


As you can see, I like to mix up genres. I find otherwise I get too immersed in very long books with many books in the series, and never finish them because I’m too attached to the characters I’ve been reading about for a year. Probably healthier this way.

I don’t know what I’m reading after this lot, so please send me requests! You can email me or tweet me or whatever.


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