Hello to the two people who will ever see this!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Rowan, and I live in Ontario, Canada with my boyfriend, three cats, a hamster, and a leopard gecko.

My interests include reading, writing, embroidery, weaving, and hiking, among other things. The books I like the most include fantasy, classic lit, and poetry books.

I decided to create a blog to improve my writing skills, keep myself motivated to read, and to possibly explore other topics and areas outside of reading. I’m hoping to explore other creative outlets, like a podcast, but that requires a better functioning computer, some degree of self-confidence, and a significantly lower degree of awkwardness. I have also created a pinterest and twitter with which to promote my blog, connect with other bookish people, and explore bookish content, but I am pretty bad at posting content on social media so we’ll see how successful the social media aspect of this is.

Thank you for reading this first post, and I hope you enjoy the content that comes after!


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